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    Discussion Questions for A BLIND GUIDE TO STINKVILLE

    Goodreads reviewer Edward Ventura created these questions to delve a little deeper into A BLIND GUIDE TO STINKVILLE:

    Discussion questions 

    Remembering How would you describe Alice to a friend?

    Understanding What can you say in how Mrs. Dexter, the librarian, spoke to Alice?

    Applying If you were Alice how would you show your understanding of your relationship with Eliza before and after you moved?

    Analyzing Why do you think Alice and Eliza's parents always kept them in the same class?

    Evaluating Think of when Alice was bitten by “Chuck” and write about how she could have handled the situation differently.

    Creating Use your imagination and draw a picture of two of the following locations: the sycamore tree, the diner, the lake, or the children’s section in the library.

    Thank you, Edward!