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Pack of Dorks: Camp Dork Pack of Dorks: Camp Dork
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    Classroom Study Guide for PACK OF DORKS


    Discussion Points

    PACK OF DORKS Discussion Questions, developed by Joie Formando, Children’s Librarian at Wyomissing Public Library


    Beth loves talking with students about writing! Chapters 1-3


    Before you read:

      1.  “Never judge a book by its cover.” Wrong! Based on the cover of “Pack of Dorks,” what pops into your mind?

    2.  Describe your idea of “the perfect dork.” In your opinion, what makes a person “dorky”?



    After reading:

      1. “If you want to be popular—and my best friend—you sometimes have to do things you don’t want to do.” (page 7) What do you think of Becky’s statement? What would you do if you were Lucy?

    2.    On page 11, Becky says that “everyone wants to be popular.” Do you think this is true?

    3.    Using the description on page 17, draw Lucy’s Grandma!



    Chapters 5-6


    Before you read:

      1.    What do you know about Down Syndrome? Do you know anyone with this disorder? How do you think Lucy feels about her new sister? For more information about Down Syndrome, check this link.

    2.    Check out this video and article about a cheerleader. What would you do in this situation?

    3.    “But everyone, even Tom Lemming, should have a flaw. Keeps them humble. I’m not sure what my flaw is, though. I’ll have to think about it.” Page 38. What are Lucy’s flaws? What are your flaws?


    After reading:

      1.    What do you think about Becky’s daily phone calls with Lucy? Do you think Becky is really Lucy’s friend, or is she just doing this to hurt Lucy’s feelings? If you were Lucy, what would you tell Becky?

    2.    On page 71, Lucy describes April’s family. Write about your family in your journal. Try to give each family member a distinct characteristic –something that describes them perfectly.