Look who's reading!

"Big Bad Ben," held by Little, Mostly Sweet Ben

Believe it or not, this isn’t an autobiography by my son.

It’s a book he read entirely by himself this morning!

That’s right, peeps. Hooked on Phonics works for Ben.

I’m so excited to have another reader in our family. We’ve got all the classic Dr. Seuss books ready for him to love as much as his older sister once did. Already he’s read “Hop on Pop.”

But we recently discovered Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie series, and, wow, my little guy can’t get enough of them. Partly this is because we can’t read one without cracking up, even if we’re reading it for the hundredth time.

Our favorite is “Can I Play Too?” Elephant and Piggie have to figure out how to play catch with a snake. (Elephant and Piggie: “We’re playing catch. With our arms.” Snake: “I don’t have arms? Aaaaaaaaargh!”)

What are your favorite beginner books? We need to add to our home library!