Emma reviews ... "The Lion Awakens"

I had the joy of experiencing Buffy Andrews’ latest book, a young adult title “The Lion Awakens,” unfold as it was written. Being friends with talented writers has its perks! So of course I was more than happy to tell the world about the sci-fi adventure now that it’s published. But I thought I’d do one better: I’d let Emma review it.

After all, she’s in the target audience and her enthusiasm for good storytelling is contagious (just check out some of her previous reviews, including “Andi Unexpected," “How to Make Friends and Monsters” and “The Bloor Door." So once again, please enjoy as Emma takes over the blog!



The first thing I have to say about “The Lion Awakens” is that Buffy Andrews has to be skilled to write it.

In the book, the plan could have been cheesey. I am surprised at how enticing the book was. At the beginnings, I was a little worried about the whole alien/super power thing, because, as I said before, there were a lot of places where it could have gone wrong. However, I was thrilled to finally find a book about aliens and such that was not too weird to read.

Reading Miss Buffy’s book, it felt like the characters were real. I saw the Sisters in her book (and also wanted to punch them!). I could picture Annie and David. I loved how the world Miss Buffy created was real, un-cheesey and AWESOME.

Second of all, I really enjoyed the style of “The Lion Awakens.” It was straightforward on the parts that needed to be and slowed down just enough in the important parts. I loved how in just one scene of action, you learned about basically five or more characters at a time. At parts, it symbolized one thing while the people in the story were doing another. For instance, when David and Annie shaved their heads, it symbolized sacrifice while still managing to be straightforward. Speaking of being straightforward, that is one of the things I like about Miss Buffy’s book. I didn’t have to say, “Jeez! When will you move onto the actual storyline?!” This was maybe one of my favorite things about the book.

Lastly, “The Lion Awakens” made me feel so many emotions it was crazy! At parts, I was near tears. Other times, laughing out loud. And other times, screaming at the book! This book plays with your emotions. If you are a sensitive person, save yourself embarrassment and walk into another room when reading this. After finishing this book, my mom walked into the living room and asked if I was okay. (No, I was not, by the way.)

This concludes my review of “The Lion Awakens.” It was an amazing book. It will hold onto you and will not let go! Thank you, Miss Buffy, for writing this book!