Check out some of Beth's published writing in magazines, newspapers and online. (Try not to notice how she smiles way too wide whenever anyone points a camera near her face.)

Some of Beth's favorite writing is her most personal, including letters she penned to her teenage and middle school-aged self as part of the Dear Teen Me campaign

Check out these columns from her days as a Smart Mama columnist. Here she chronicles such parenting adventures as letting her toddler son know that only pigs can grow up to be bacon and why dinner is often interrupted for chicken dancing.

Beth also was the monthly Marketplace columnist for Global Traveler magazine. She got to profile the best shopping districts in the world, from tea in London to diamonds in Tanzania. 

But Beth's greatest passion is for creative writing, which spans young adult and middle grade novels. Her PACK OF DORKS series (PACK OF DORKS and CAMP DORK)  is published through SkyPony, as is A BLIND GUIDE TO STINKVILLE and A BLIND GUIDE TO NORMAL.

CALEB AND KIT (Running Press Kids) hits bookshelves September 2017. 

She's always writing, so check back for updates!