Halloween traditions

While living in New England means Halloween is a month-long celebration of parties and parades, haunted trails and houses, my kiddos shuddered to think the all-important trick-or-treat night could be taken out by Hurricane Sandy. 

Thankfully, the skies cleared just in time for my little vampires to take on the town. 

Unfortunately, the littlest vampire isn't going to need any pale facepaint or eye-shadowed circles. He woke up with a fever and a stomach that feels "wriggly" this morning. 

And I am the meanest mom in the world for not letting him go to school today, "the best day ever!" 

"I'd get to go in costume," he cried. "I don't want to stay here, with just you."


But I feel for the kid. After all, now we're all going to have to make due with half the loot. Not that I eat the children's candy after they go to bed. Of course not. 

How do you handle the candy consumption? Do you have a post trick-or-treat feast? Or are the candies doled out piece by piece for as long as it takes to empty the bucket?