Whatcha reading?

My girl is finally reading a new series of books! And it’s not about cats!

It’s about wolves.

She’s already on chapter five of “Wolves of the Beyond: The Lone Wolf” after beginning it last night at bedtime. And she loves it!

And maybe I feel a smidge guilty about telling her that the author, Kathryn Lasky, is friends with the authors who comprise the Warriors series author Erin Hunter.  But, to my defense, Amazon seems to think they’d get along, too. The company has suggested the series for quite some time.

And who knows, maybe they are friends. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

As for me, I’m working through reading Connecticut’s Nutmeg Book Award honorees in the intermediate  and teen divisions.

I’ve got to say: My new state has got good taste.

What are you reading?