Open to everyone!

My lunch date yesterday was pretty amazing.

We went to a little local shop that specializes in incredible sandwiches and funky flavor. Local artwork graces the walls, chalkboard signs advertise specials, pizza chefs sing along to the radio, and none of the tables and chairs match. It’s eclectic to the max.

While we were there—I had the “poor pilgrim” (turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce and mayo on pumpernickel) while my son ate a hot dog and Cheetos (don’t judge me)—the mix got even more eclectic.

An elderly couple sat beside us having coffee and breakfast burritos.

A half-dozen or so teenagers wearing togas—Seriously, togas!—pushed tables together to polish off a pizza.

Two 30-something women chained their bicycles to the rack outside and got pastries to eat on the patio.

A woman in a business suit flipped open her laptop and typed furiously in the corner.

The radio played “Turn the Beat Around” by Gloria Estefan, followed by “Rumour Has It” by Adele, then some old school Jon Bon Jovi. The playlist went on to feature Phil Collins and Will Smith. By the time we left “Almost Paradise” by Mike Reno and Ann Wilson was blaring.

Here’s the weird thing: None of that was weird. Ok, maybe the togas were a little weird.  But no one seemed out of place.

The shop wore its open-to-everyone-expect-anything vibe proudly, from the bright sun catchers and wind chimes hanging from the ceiling to the piles of classic board games on the shelves.

My son and I didn’t want to leave. I felt sure something cool was going to happen any second, and I didn’t want to miss it. We finished our sandwiches slowly and promised to come back soon.

I’d love to write something that has the same appeal. Something that anyone can pick up and instantly feel at home reading. Something a grandma can pass onto her grandchild, something a business man can enjoy as much as a college student.

A book like that, it’s got to be one in a million. Can you think of one that comes close?

Maybe Harry Potter?

In any case, the next time I have writer’s block, I know where I’m heading.