No light sabers at the table!

On today’s menu at the Vrabel household: Boba Fett-ucine, Obi Wan Kabobs with Dark Side Salsa and, for dessert, Wookie Cookies.

My 5-year-old flipped over “Wookie Cookies Cookbook” when he saw it at the library this week. He's a bit of a "Star Wars" fanatic, despite the fact that he's only seen the original three films and bits and pieces of the newer movies.

I was pretty sure we had checked out every single Star Wars book from the library. But who knew there also were Star Wars cookbooks? This is marketing at its best.

I don’t know what impresses him more: The recipes or the toys featured on each page. “Are these toys real? Can we get them?” he asked.

The recipes are basic, but the presentation is hilarious. My favorite is Han Solo shooting ketchup onto the Han-burgers with his blaster.