All dressed up

This morning, when that invented-by-evil alarm clock pierced my dreams, I stumbled out of bed, into work-out gear and laced up my Nikes.

That was three hours ago, peeps.

Since then, I've made the kiddos breakfast, gotten one of two to the bus stop (the second goes to school in the afternoon), and ... watched HGTV.

Do you do this? Get prepped to do something you know won't be easy but is necessary, and then wimp out on the actual doing it part?

I tend to do this just before starting a new writing project. I think about the characters so much that I swear I've known them all my life. I scratch out an outline. I know where the story's going.

And then I just stare at that horribly blank Microsoft Word page.

I try to tell myself that I'm still writing in my head. But the truth is, just like hopping on the elliptical machine after a night of overindulging is tough, pounding out that first chapter is brutal. I know I'll feel better when it's done. But actually doing it takes resolve. That first chapter is going to stink. First draft chapters always do. It's going to take work, dedication and, more than anything, time to get the story in my head onto the page.

But I'm going to do it. Tomorrow.

What motivates you to get to work?

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