Timeline of a Blizzard, Part 3

3:00 p.m.: We decide to watch a family movie. “Narnia and the Dawn Treader.” Again. It’s still snowing.

3:10 p.m.: I head upstairs to do some laundry. The snow is up to the dog’s belly.

5 p.m.: Somehow I’ve fallen asleep! In my bed. With my shoes off and the blankets on. Hmm.

I head downstairs, feeling guilty about my involuntary nap, to see this. Playing in a blizzard is tough work.

And, oh yeah, it’s still snowing. But it's also wicked windy. (I can say "wicked" now that I've lived in New England for more than a year.)

I fill the tub with water, just in case power goes out, and am glad I resisted the Poptart temptation.