Avoidance crafting

Time to rename this blog to Things I Did While Plotting. But if you didn’t know I was a writer, that would sound very, very creepy.

So while I’m still stewing away about a new idea and planning to fix where my current manuscript went a bit off track, I’ve been distressing.

Ha! I bet you thought that was typo. That I should’ve said I was “stressing.” But no, I was distressing.

Here’s a rocking chair that my mother-in-law gave me.

My father-in-law wanted to put it in their tag sale, but it was a bit too sentimental to part with to strangers. After all, he had given it to her when she was pregnant with their first baby (my husband!).

So I took it in and completely wrecked it.

First, I sanded the you-know-what out of it. Bye-bye, harvest gold flowers!

Then I painted it white.

Then I painted it grey.

And finally I distressed it with steel wool. This, in hindsight, would’ve been smarter to do outside.

I also reupholstered the cushion, which was a basic white to start. As mentioned previously, I’m stupendously cheap. So rather than buy actual yards of fabric, I bought a Target curtain panel on clearance for $14.

From that, I covered the cushion and had enough left over to cover a black plastic comfort gel mat that we used in our kitchen. After painting the cabinets, it got a little splattered and I wasn’t able to scrape up all of the paint. So I covered it instead, using this as a guideline.


Now I am officially out of old and borrowed furniture.

Of course, I did see an ad for a tag sale at church this weekend…