Emma reviews ... "The Blue Door"

I was a little hesitant when Emma started reading "The Blue Door." I thought perhaps the book, which involves a war between angels and demons, would freak her out a little.

But my girl outsmarted me again. She just made "The Blue Door" a "daytime" book. At night, she stuck with "Little Women" and other non-scary, non-existential topics.

In truth, she loved "The Blue Door," and was delighted to find out it's a series.

Here is her review:

You may not consider angels to be mailmen, band players and booksellers. But when you read “The Blue Door” by Christa J. Kinde, your perspective will definitely change!

One of the things I love about “The Blue Door” is that it is so unique (parental side note: Emma spelled it “unike”). I have never read a book like it! It incorporates real everyday life struggles, with an angel and demon war going on in the background! While Prissie deals with trouble with friends, her angel friend, Kaji, deals with demons. And sometimes, comedy sneaks in there, too. After Prissie picks homemade soup over canned, Kaji says, “You do not approve of …. Chicken and Stars?” The line just CRACKED ME UP.

Another thing I love about “The Blue Door” was how it was made, it seems, for all kinds of people. For instance, during the beginning, I was thinking, “Oh, this book would be AWESOME for anyone who wanted a kind of puzzle to do piece together! In the end of the book, I was thinking, “This would be great for anyone like me who wants some adventure.” And I thought through the whole book, “This would be a great book for anyone who wanted a different view on angels!”

On top of that, everything felt so REAL! Prissie was an ordinary girl. She wasn’t always thinking, “I have a great destiny or something.” She was shocked when she found out she could interact with angels.

In conclusion, I think “The Blue Door” is an excellent well-written book for anyone to read.