My baby has a beautiful face!

I am excited to share the “Pack of Dorks” cover.

Isn’t it gorgeous? The origami pack captures the wolf aspect, and Lucy and Sam’s “dorkiness.”

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on the love-at-first-sight that struck me when I set eyes on this beauty! I squealed so loudly that I nearly gave my children heart attacks! Then I jumped up and down in circles while the boy stared at me and the girl joined in.* I was able to show them why I was so excited before the ugly tears began to run.

But now, a conundrum. Do I need to know how to make origami wolves? I guess I’ve got a few months to learn. (Shameless plug) “Pack of Dorks” is released Oct. 7 (but you can preorder now here.

 *Funny thing: She did the same thing at age 3 when I found out I was pregnant with her little brother. I cheered and danced, she did, too, without even knowing why. Love that about her!