So. Much. Fun!

I’ve started and restarted this blog entry about a dozen times. But, for maybe the first time in my life, words have failed me.

Nothing can properly sum up how incredible the past few days have been for me.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with young writers in my hometown, including third-grade students at York Catholic school, and second- and third-grade students at Paradise Elementary School in my hometown.

The cherry on top was sharing the first chapter of PACK OF DORKS and signing copies of the book at Glatfelter Library. Can you imagine? This is the same library that I would go to each week as a child, filling up a tote bag with Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books, entering short story contests and dreaming about someday having my name on a cover. This feeling I’m having? While I can’t do it justice in words, it’s one I hope everyone has a chance to experience during their lives. Because it totally rocks.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. It means so much to me.

I loved answering young writers’ questions about writing, being an author and journalist, and going through the publishing process.

And check it out! Mrs. Gross’ third-grade class also wrote reviews for PACK OF DORKS! I promised I’d post their comments on my website (which led to a lot of “We’re going to be famous!” cheering). So here you go, Mrs. Gross’ class!

From Jacob: “I love Pack of Dorks because it was funny cool and outstanding. Also, at the end, there was a twis(t). … The Pack of Dorks and Lucy were going to let Becky be in their group. Or will they?”

From Zoey: “I feel that the book makes me happy because I think I would give this book a five star rating because I like this book. It was remarkable! … It is a good story about Lucy and Sam doing gymnastics and karate.”

From Austin: “I loved the book through all the sereios (sic) and funny parts. My favorite part is when Becky asks for a chance with Lucy.”

From Kristen: “My class read the book Pack of Dorks. I think it is a wonderful book! I would give it 5 stars because the author used remarkable words like magnificent, and she also had a lot of funny parts in the book.”

From Piper: “My best part in Pack of Dorks was the end when everyone got together and become a Pack of Dorks. Beth Vrabel, you’re the best author I know!”


From Evan: “I think Beth Vrabel did a good job with having good words in it and having ending marks. ... I like it as good as the I Survived books.”

From Jayden: “The funniest part was when Lucy split her skirt. How did Beth Vrabel come up with this stuff? Pack of Dorks is the funniest, I mean funniest, book I ever read!”

 From Cameron: “I think that the book Pack of Dorks is a 5 star book because I like the funny parts. I hope she makes a second book with the same characters in it.”

*Don’t worry, Cameron! DORKS IN LOVE will come out in Spring 2016!

From McKenzie: “My favorite part of this book is that Lucy cares about her friend Sam, and always sticks up for him.”

From Adam: “I funniest part of the book was when Lucy started taking karate and she really didn’t want to. I think Beth Vrabel did a good job of expressing the characters and making pictures in the reader’s head.”

From Reagan: “I read the book Pack of Dorks and loved it because of the humor, friendship and characters.”

From Bryan: “I really liked how the author wrote at the end of the story how they made a pack.”

From Valerie: “At the end of each chapter, she kept us hanging and we wanted to read more. When we finished the book, we wished we had just started.”

From Logan: “I would give it 5 stars because in the end of the story, Lucy and Sam made a Pack.”

From Henry: “Pack of Dorks is good example of how kids can bully and what you should do about it. My favorite part was when Lucy and Sam got a predator (like a wolf) for their report.”

From Leah: “I thought it was excellent because the author put many details.”

From Blake: “I love Pack of Dorks because it’s entertaining and makes me happy in bad times.”

From Ainsley: “I liked when Lucy and Sam went to the wolf sanctuary and learned about wolves for their project.”

From Saige: “If you read it, you might not want to put it down.”

From Wyatt: “I liked the story because it was funny and cool. But what I didn’t like was the yucky kissing.”

*Note to Wyatt: I promise, no kissing in DORKS IN LOVE!*

From Ashlyn: “I love this book because I think it is cool that Lucy cares about her friends.”

From Luke: “I like when Sam does flips because it is cool.”