Are You More Creative Than A Second Grader?

My friend and fellow writer Jessica and I recently formed a writing club with second- and third-grade writers. Right from the start, our hour together is the highlight of my week. They're funny, kind, supportive and astonishingly talented. 

This week, we talked a lot about description, and how important it is to go beyond what you see in creating a story for readers. In A Blind Guide to Stinkville, the main character, Alice, is blind. I learned a lot about relying on my other senses to share her experience. T

he authors in my writing club are naturals, which they proved when we challenged them to describe red without using that word or their vision. Some of their thoughts: Red tastes like cherries and spice; it feels like embarrassment; it smells like strawberries, it sounds like sirens. Isn't that amazing?

Your turn! Describe "blue."