A Blind Guide to Stinkville reviews AND a Pack of Dorks giveaway! Woot woot!

Some reviews for A Blind Guide to Stinkville are beginning to trickle in, even though the book doesn't hit shelves until October. 

Check out some Goodreads reviews:

Angela wrote: "I am SO IMPRESSED with Vrabel’s consistent pace and even-keeled writing. Alice could be barely holding it together, or the girl in the library could have just revealed something astonishing, or a new friend could be just as mean as the old friend just was… and Vrabel writes it all very matter-of-factly, like none of these things are the end of the world. No melodrama, here. No way. And that’s totally refreshing in a world of melodramatic teenagers and melodramatic teenage books."

And later, when she added, "Oh, and that Blind Guide that Alice wrote? Stories within a story are brilliant, Beth Vrabel. Add me to your fan club." THE BLUSHING WAS REAL, PEOPLE!

Ms. Yingling, another Goodreads reviewer, wrote: "This was a hopeful book about a middle grade student managing her diverse abilities with a small but devoted support system. Alice feels sorry for herself sometimes, like all middle grade students do, but also wants to show her parents how she can take care of herself. The community is vibrantly drawn and the setting adds a lot to the story."

Mrs. McGuire adds: "There's a lot going on in this excellent middle grade choice. Alice is struggling with many things in her life: albinism, blindness, a new home, a here-but-not-really mother, plus all the really lousy parts of being a teen."

And Mark notes: "The story is a good example that people are blind to many things. Alice realizes she's not as blind as she thinks."

Thank you so much for these early reviews of A Blind Guide to Stinkville! I can't wait for the book to be in more readers' hands. 

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