"Andi Unexpected" review by Emma!

“It’s here!” I swear, the neighbors probably heard when my 10-year-old spotted “Andi Unexpected” at the breakfast table.

By the time she finished her cereal, she was three chapters into Amanda Flower’s upcoming release. In the novel, 12-year-old Andi Boggs begins to unravel a family mystery when she opens a Depression-era trunk tucked away in the family attic.

This story gripped Emma from page 1. By the same time the next morning (thanks to some reading way past bedtime), she finished the novel. In true Emma fashion, she dug right back in at page 1, this time with red pen in hand.

Without further ado, here’s Emma’s (very first) review:

To start this review is difficult for me to write, because there are so many amazing things about the book. It’s hard to organize them!

From the minute I started “Andi Unexpected,” I felt really excited. I had stopped reading another book, so if this book wasn’t good, I’d be very disappointed.

And it was 100 times better than I expected. And I expected it to be awesome.

To start, I loved how real the book seemed! For instance, on page 24, when Andi asked, “Why do you think Bergita acted so weird when I told her my full name yesterday?” was an example of the reason the book felt so real. In most books, characters don’t ask the questions that really bug them and the reader, like a regular kid would do. And even when they do, they don’t get a truthful answer. I love that Andi does ask those questions, and that the grown-ups answer them honestly.  

I loved how the mystery teases you throughout “Andi Unexpected.” I was so hooked that I stayed up all night just to read the book! (Not all night. Just until my parents came in and told me, “GO TO BED!” And then I read more as soon as I woke up.) The mystery was just like in life, when you think you have something horrible and then it turns a completely unexpected turn.

The characters also felt very real. Take Amelia, for example. She’s young and interesting. I mean, really? Would someone send kids to old crabby aunts? Most likely not if there was any other option. Amelia was an aunt I would expect kids to be sent to.

I love the changes in “Andi Unexpected.” The changes are in characters, intensity level and the story itself. For example, at first, when Andi and Colin began to discover Andora, it only seemed a small curiosity. But as the story progressed, it became a passion worth a risk. I think it is amazing how Amanda Flower made that happen. I also love the changes in Bethany. Amanda Flower really showed how Bethany felt sad and alone during her conversation with Bergita rather than just saying she felt sad and alone.

Another great thing about “Andi Unexpected” was how the story changed. At first, Colin and Andi’s only problem was struggling to find information, but then Dr. Girard joins the search … I thought maybe he’d appear once or twice, but then … Well, you’ll have to read the book.

I really loved “Andi Unexpected” and I recommend it to anybody who’s in the mood for a leave-me-alone-I-want-to-finish-this-book type book. I really hope it’s a series so I get to find out what happens to Andi in the future. I have a feeling Colin and Andi aren’t just going to turn out to be the sit-still-at-home type of people.