Remember last August, when Emma wrote her first review?

It was of Amanda Flower’s wonderful middle-grade book, ANDI UNEXPECTED. (I’m not shouting at you. I found out this is how titles are supposed to be spelled. All caps, all the time.)

Since then, Emma has gone on to write a few other reviews, and ANDI UNEXPECTED has gotten a lot more attention. The story, about an orphan who solves the mystery of her namesake, is a 2013 Agatha Award Nominee for Best Children’s/YA Mystery!

The next installment of the Andi Boggs series will be released in October (like another little book I know), but Emma was able to get her hands on an Advance Reader Copy through the author. She immediately started reading and wrote the following.

Man! Where does she get this sloppy handwriting?


Notes for my wip. I spared you the one with drawings.

Without further ado, here is Emma’s review of ANDI UNDER PRESSURE.


Are you looking for a good mystery? A book that is just as good as Nancy Drew and “Harriet the Spy”? Then you had better find yourself a copy of ANDI UNDER PRESSURE by Amanda Flower!

ANDI UNDER PRESSURE is the sequel to ANDI UNEXPECTED, another fabulous book. This book involves mystery, history, science and a few explosions along the way.

The first reason I love this book is because Amanda Flower jumped right into the story. Who wastes time on a 50-page intro? Not Amanda Flower! This was an amazing piece of author’s craft, in my opinion. By not giving a super thorough description of the characters, Amanda Flower made you want to read more! Slowly, you begin to uncover bits of information about Andi, Colin, Amelie and Bethany along with other characters. This makes you think a bit, then dive right back in! Amanda Flower sure knows how to pull you in!

Another think I love is her style of writing. Ms. Flower gives you backstories of chacters but only just enough so you just have to read one sentence more. For instance, when Dilian and Madison were talking along, part of my question was unanswered, but yet I was still on the edge of my seat wanting more, more, more! And Polk’s story? I thought I had it all figured out, but nope. I want to tell you but Mom says no spoilers!

Lastly, the characters were riveting. I absolutely love how Andi and Colin can know what each other wants to do while saying nothing! It’s like some kind of super power! On top of that, finding out how nervous Amelie was to parent Bethany and Andi was kind of awesome! And finding out Bethany’s feelings regarding Andi and Colin's friendship was shocking!

The Andi Boggs Books is a series you should definitely pick up! I didn’t think Amanda Flower could top ANDI UNEXPECTED, but ANDI UNDER PRESSURE proved me wrong! I only have one concern: When can I read the next one?*

* Don't worry, Em. I've got it on good authority that Amanda is working on Andi's next adventure.