Once again, my daughter is taking over the blog

This time, Emma is reviewing an advance reader copy of Amanda Flower's latest addition to her Andi Bogg's series, ANDI UNSTOPPABLE! The middle grade book releases (from Zonderkidz) the same day that A Blind Guide to Stinkville hits shelves, October 6. I'm thrilled to share a book birthday with my talented friend! 

Here is Emma's take on Andi's latest adventure: 

            When I first looked at the back of Amanda Flower’s latest Andi Boggs novel, “Andi Unstoppable,” I must admit I was hesitant to begin reading. I just wasn’t sure that birding, a Civil War ghost, and gravesite vandalism could all intertwine.

            However, in reading the book, I was very pleasantly surprised. Amanda Flower has managed to create a story out of several unlikely elements. Her ability to connect so many stories while continuing to stop the book from becoming confusing really is amazing. Seriously, how the heck do you manage to incorporate a search for a rare bird and a ghost story into one book? In addition to ghosts, birding, and vandalism, Amanda Flower also includes friendship drama and the always-present themes of the series: historical legends and Andi coping with the death of her parents.

            I was particularly impressed with the conclusion of “Andi Unstoppable.” Throughout the book, most of the time I was pretty convinced that I knew what was going on, and of course how the novel would wrap up. But, yet again, Amanda Flower shows she is one step ahead of her readers. While reading the last few chapters of the book, I did a double take. I was shocked that my predictions were so off! The ending of this book was one I definitely had not anticipated, and was very well written.

            Lastly, I always love the authenticity of Amanda Flower’s plot and characters. Nothing about any of her books is cookie cutter, which I very much appreciate. In modern middle grade writing, so many ideas are overused to the point where with some books, I just want to scream at the author to write their story, not just a summary of everyone else’s!

Whenever I read one of Amanda Flower’s books, I am refreshed at her new characters and ideas. Andi’s voice as she narrates these books is sarcastic, smart, mischievous, and compassionate all rolled into one. She’s real and authentic, with her share of flaws and strengths, and she is relatable to readers, even as the situations she goes through are not.

            If you’re looking for a middle grade small-town mystery wrought with humor and kindness, or just a good book overall, it is worth your while to pick up “Andi Unstoppable.”   



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